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ISSN : 1598-5504(Print)
ISSN : 2383-8272(Online)
Journal of Agriculture & Life Science Vol.47 No.5 pp.11-17

고온기 토마토재배시 적정 적엽관리방법 구명

김성은1, 이문영1, 김영식1*
1상명대학교 식물식품공학과

Optimum Management of Tomato Leaf Removal in Summer

Young Shik Kim1*, Sung Eun Kim1, Moon Young Lee1
1Department of Plant and Food Sciences, Sangmyung University, 300 Anseo-dong, Cheonan, Chungnam 330-720, Korea
Received: FEB. 13. 2013, Revised: SEP. 23. 2013, Accepted: OCT. 7. 2013


In this paper, we investigated the optimal leaf removal method that is easily applicable totomato cultivation during spring-summer harvesting period and that improves the yield and qualityof tomato produced. Four treatments of leaf removal were experimented: remaining 14 leaves fromthe growing tip (Leaf-14), remaining 20 leaves from the growing tip (Leaf-20), removing leavesbelow the truss of which the harvesting is over (Harvest), and removing leaves below the trusswhen its flowers have been bloomed for 7 weeks (7-weeks). Leaf removal did not affect theflowering speeds very much, but did influence the harvesting speeds and yields greatly. Thedesirable harvesting speed was found to be 6~7 days per truss. Total yield decreased when theharvesting speed was too fast as 3~4 days due to the application of leaf removal. Leaf-20 wasfound to be the optimal leaf removal method. 7-weeks treatment showed results similar to those ofLeaf-20, but it was inconvenient to apply. Therefore, Leaf-20 was judged to be the ideal leafremoval method in a high temperature environment because it can be conducted easily and bringabout the best results.


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