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ISSN : 1598-5504(Print)
ISSN : 2383-8272(Online)
Journal of Agriculture & Life Science Vol.47 No.5 pp.73-82

창원시 가음정천과 반송소하천의 수질 및 생태 모니터링

김형호1*, 박준형2, 황진영2, 강현득2, 정광식2
1경상대학교 산림환경자원학과(농업생명과학연구원), 2경상대학교 산림자원학과

Water Quality and Ecological Monitoring of the Gaeumjeongcheon and Bansongsohacheon Stream in the City of Changwon

Hyungho Kim1*, ·Joonhyung Park2, Jinyeong Hwang2, Hyeondeug Kang2, Gangsik Jung2
1Department of Forest Environmental Sciences, Gyeongsang National University (Institute of Agriculture and Life Science), Jinju 660-701, Korea
2Department of Forest Resources, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju 660-701, Korea
Received: JUL. 1. 2013, Revised: SEP. 11. 2013, Accepted: OCT. 7. 2013


This study aimed to evaluate stream environments of Gaeumjeongcheon and Bansongsohacheonin the City of Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, on the basis of the evaluation of each streamstructure, stream faunae and florae, the evaluation of stream naturalness, and the results ofmonitoring of water quality. Stream survey was conducted quarterly for a year, and five surveysincluding a pre-survey were conducted. Given the nature of urban streams, most of streams wereequipped with artificial embankments with a narrow width of under 25m, and the vertical slopewas very gentle. Except for the summer rainy season, the flow was small, and also the flow ratewas very slow due to drop and river structures. In terms of florae, Gaeumjeongcheon had 24families and 59 species, while Bansongsohacheon had 20 families and 47 species. In the survey offaunae, in Gaeumjeoncheon, only fish presumed to be mud fish were collected, and such birds ascranes and spot-billed ducks, and salamander larvae, Lymnaea auricularia, etc. were observed. Inthe evaluation of stream naturalness targeting the entire stream section, Gaeumjeongcheon wasevaluated as class Ⅲ, and Bansongsohacheon as class Ⅳ, revealing that Bansongsohacheon naturalness was low. Seven items related to river water quality were analyzed, revealing thatduring the dry season when the flow was reduced and the flow rate was slow, the water qualityturned poor. In particular, due to winter's continued drought, the stream quality at the fourthsurvey was found to be the poorest, and Bansongsohacheon had a severer pollution level thanGaeumjeongcheon.


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