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ISSN : 1598-5504(Print)
ISSN : 2383-8272(Online)
Journal of Agriculture & Life Science Vol.47 No.5 pp.217-228

Bacillus coagulans KM-1을 이용한 속성멸치액젓의 제조 및 이화학적 특성

남기호, 장미순, 박희연*
국립수산과학원 식품안전과

Rapid Processing and Physiochemical Characteristics of the Salt-Fermented Anchovy Sauce with Bacillus coagulans KM-1

Hee-Yeon Park*, Ki-Ho Nam, Mi-Soon Jang
Food and Safety Center, National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, Busan 619-705, Korea
Received: AUG. 30. 2013, Revised: OCT. 11. 2013, Accepted: OCT. 15. 2013


A rapid processing method of salt-fermented anchovy sauce was investigated using theBacillus coagulans KM-1 and various chemical properties were examined with commercialsalt-fermented anchovy sauce. The protein of commercial salt-fermented anchovy sauce(CSAS)and rapid salt-fermented anchovy sauce added Bacillus coagurance KM-1(RSAS) were 8.74g/100 g and 10.95 g/100 g each. and contents of Ca, total nitrogen and amino nitrogen werehigher in RSAS than in CSAS(p<0.05). The hypoxanthine(Hx) of ATP and related compoundcontents was higher in samples as 175.22 mg/100 g and 171.46 mg/100 g. Total free aminoacid contents of CSAS and RSAS were 6983.8 mg/100 g and 9535.6 mg/100 g. Major free amino acid of samples were glutamic acid, hydroxyproline, citrulline, arginine, valine, leucine,proline, isoleucine in ordor. The contents of histamine of CSAS was 533.42 mg/kg and higherthan RSAS(p<0.05).


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