Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations for Journal of Agriculture and Life Science of Gyeongsang Nat'l Univ.

Established in JAN. 2nd 2001
Amended in APR. 4th 2003

1. This regulation is so far the examinations for original papers, research notes, review papers, invited papers, examples, design works and etc. submitted for the publication.

2. Three judges are appointed for the submitted papers to be examined. The name and workplace of judges and submitter is not disclosed.

3. The examination of the submitted paper is classified into "Good to be published without editing", "Good to be published after editing", "To be reexamined after editing" and "Dismissed".
1) The paper with three judgers' "Good to be published without editing" or "Good to be published after editing" is to be published.
2) The paper with two judges' "Dismissed" is not to be published.
3) The paper with one judge's "Dismissed" is to be examined by the forth judge appointed. The boards let the author decide the publication.
4) The paper with "Good to be published after editing" is to be published after the boards verify the submitter's editing.
5) The paper with "To be reexamined after editing" is to be reexamined after being edited according the judges. If the paper gets "Dismissed" for the reexamination, it cannot be published without being examined by the third party.

4. The submitter and the judger can only share their opinion through the boards, and the final decision is to be made by the boards.

5. The judges are paid a certain amount for the examination.

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