Instructions For Authors

논문투고 진행절차

농업생명과학 연구에 오신 저자 여러분을 환영합니다.
본 학술지는 현재 모든 투고절차가 웹을 이용한 자동시스템으로 진행됩니다.
회원등록 후에 논문투고, 논문의 진행사항, 저자수정 확인 등과 같은 일련의 절차를 확인할 수 있습니다.
다음과 같은 투고규정에 따라 진행하시면 됩니다.

1. 회원등록 또는 로그인
2. 투고규정에 의거하여 작성된 논문 등록
3. 체크리스트, 저작권이양 동의서 및 심사료 제출
4. 투고논문의 심사에 적합한 2명의 심사위원(성명,소속,email)제공
5. 논문의 심사현황은 로그인 후에 확인가능

* 논문에 수록되는 Table 및 Figure 작성요령
* 출판료 및 별쇄본 발행료
* 연구윤리 규정 [File Down]
* 투고 규정 [File Down]
* 심사 규정 [File Down]
* 편집위원회 규정 [File Down]

Manuscript Submission - Notice to Authors

Journal of Agriculture and Life Science has now a fully operation electronic system.
You can submit your manuscript, check manuscript status, or submit revised version by going through each step.

Please notice the followings.

1. Login to create your own account, or register
2. Manuscript must be prepared according to Instructions to Author. See Aims and Scope, Editorial and Review Policy, and Instructions to Authors.
3. To speed up review process, please submit the check list and the statement of copyright transfer signed by all authors, and pay the review fee as soon as possible.
4. Also provide 2 potential reviewers of your manuscript (name,affiliation,e-mail address).
5. All the communications are done on web-site, so that please visit author site whenever you need to check current status of your manuscript.

* Please check here for figure and graph preparation.
* Please check here for page and reprint charge policy.
* Submission Regulations [File Down]
* Regulations for Editorial Board [File Down]
* Research Ethics Regulations [File Down]
* Examination Regulations [File Down]

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